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Our Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

The easiest and quickest way to make a reservation with us is either by email or by phone and to have the following information ready:

  • Booking name, contact mobile number and email address.
  • Arrival date & duration of your stay.
  • The hotel or chalet name & tour operator you are traveling with.
  • For group lessons: Name, age (children only) & ski level.
  • For equipment hire : Name, age (children only), height, weight, shoe size, equipment and standard required.

Once we have all your requirements and you wish to confirm your reservation we will then prepare your invoice for you for the 50% deposit. Payment can be made either by bank transfer, visa or mastercard. The remaining balance can be paid either by bank transfer, visa or mastercard, euro cheque or cash. The balance will be taken from the same card within 48 hours of your departure from resort unless other arrangements for payment are agreed at time of reservation.

Do your instructors speak English?

Yes. All our instructors speak English & French fluently. We also have Russian, Spanish, Portugese, German, Italian and Dutch speakers in our team.

Can we change groups if we find the level we booked is too difficult or too easy?

Yes of course. At the time of booking we will do our best to determine your correct level and start you in the appropriate group. During the first two mornings of lessons the instructors work together to harmonise the groups and it is quite normal for people to move up or down levels as required. People of different ages and fitness levels will also progress at a different pace. Please talk to your instructor if you have any questions regarding your ski level or if you have had any accidents or injuries and would like to remain in a lower level group.

Where is your meeting point?

Our meeting point in Meribel is at “Place de La Chaudanne” the main ski lift area in Meribel. It is located just behind the Tougnete telecabin lift in front of the Castors restaurant where you will find our black sign post “Snow d’light”. There is a mini bus drop of point at the top of the stairs to the Castors restaurant, just on the right after exiting the tunnel to Mottaret.

In Courchevel we meet at “Place de La Croisette” at the entrance of Jardin Alpin in Courchevel 1850. This is located at the entrance of the main lifts Jardin Alpin, Verdons and Chenus.

For full day and big morning lessons we are happy to organise for your instructor to meet you directly at your hotel or chalet. We can also organise meetings anywhere in the Courchevel valley, Méribel, Méribel village & Mottaret. Please contact us directly with any enquiries.

See our ski school location page here

How will we recognise our instructor?

Our instructors are clearly visible wearing black and blue coloured ski jackets and trousers with Snow D’Light embroidered on the front and back. Your precise meeting point will be confirmed prior to your lesson and you and your instructors mobile numbers will be sent and exchanged by sms or what’s app.

Help and information on taking your children skiing

Generally, children can start skiing from around aged four. The stronger they are, the easier they tend to pick it up and the more fun they will have, so although starting younger is possible, older may be preferable. Very young children (aged three to five) may only have the energy to do half a day on the slopes. The rest of the time might be better spent playing in the snow, or back in the resort.

Many instructors teach children to ski through a series of games, analogies, copying and races, so they pick up new skills without too much technical information. Kids may come home talking about how they were making ‘chips’ and not ‘pizza’ – this just means that they are moving into parallels instead of snowplough – or being ‘tall as a house’ and ‘small as a mouse’, which is a useful way to encourage children to move up at the start of the turn and down at the end.

Skiing is all about having fun, so don’t worry too much about the progress of very young children. If your child is having a good time, they’ll be hooked for life and the technical improvement will come. If you have any questions at all, please speak to the instructor in the mornings or to the reservations team.

Group vs Private Lessons

It used to be that in order for children to get the individual attention they need to progress technically, private lessons were the only option. However, since 2003 Snow D’Light have been offering smaller group sizes for children. 2/3* to 6 children in the Mini Delight and 2/3* to 8 children in the 6 to 13 year old classes. Children can enjoy the social side of being in a class but receive far more individual attention & instruction. Kids love the interaction with other children that groups offer, so this can be the ideal environment to learn in. With encouragement and friendly competition, many children progress very quickly.

To simplify your holidays, our adult classes are specifically run at the same time and place as our children’s classes

Ski school for children gets very booked up in Meribel and so it is important to book in advance if you are visiting over British school holidays. Every year, people are disappointed that they can’t get their kids into ski school.

First day at ski school

Write your mobile or other contact number on a piece of paper and place it in your child’s coat pocket in case you are needed urgently

– Plenty of high factor sun cream (water resistant and at least 30 SPF) is essential. Put the tube in their pocket so they can top up throughout the day

– All children taking group or private classes with Snow D’Light must come to lessons with a helmet. We are happy to advise where you will be able to rent or purchase helmets in resort.

– Younger eyes are more sensitive so it is important to make kids wear good quality sunglasses or goggles all the time. If you only plan to buy one or the other, buy goggles
– Take time to find gloves or mittens that your child can take on and off easily by themselves; they’ll have to do this numerous times throughout the day!

– Children lose body heat faster than adults – make sure they are wrapped up warmly

– If you are booking younger children into ski school, remember to give them a drink for the mid-lesson break (or money to buy them)We provide the snack.. Check with the ski school if you are unsure.

– Talk to the instructor before the first lesson as any information will be useful (for example, do they get tired easily / hate drag lifts / have any allergies or other medical considerations)

– Even if your children are not in ski school, you will probably find it helpful to mark clothes, skis and helmets with their name as things are often thrown into a big bundle in the rush to get inside at break or lunch time! If you don’t have any labels for skis and helmets, write on sticking plasters

– If possible buy gloves and hats that can be attached to your child; otherwise they go missing endlessly…

– Complete beginners (especially the little ones) will probably not need to take poles to their ski lessons, at least for the first few days. It is advisable to bring them along on the first morning and if they are not needed the instructor will store them at our meeting point. The instructor will then advise you if or when they will be required.

More questions?

Not a problem, feel free to get in touch OR give us a call – +33 (0) 664 816 010